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Pure Golden Flax Seed from the Canadian Prairies

We at Canadian Golden Flaxseed take extra care in making sure our product meets our consumer's purity standards for cleanliness and uniformity. Our golden flax seed is grown and shipped from the clean, clear air of the Canadian prairies. During harvest, it is screened in specially designed equipment, removing even the smallest contaminants to meet all food safety requirements, while maintaining its high nutritional value and Omeg3 fatty acid content. Our golden flax seed is never touched by human hands.

Canadian Golden Flaxseed is some of the finest worldwide.

Canadian Golden Flaxseed is truly the superfood of the new millennium. Flaxseed benefits have been well known by some for centuries, but only now are the medical community (like Dr. Oz) and the health food advocates focusing on its many positive health benefits. Now is the time to begin a healthy diet supplemented with Canadian Golden Flaxseed.

Golden flax seed is your best plant source of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) or Omega3 fatty acid. The restorative and preventative benefits of golden flax in your diet are many, including lowering cholesterol levels and blood pressure. The Omega3 fatty acids act as natural anticoagulants, which make red blood cells more flexible, causing less blockage and clots, and thus decreasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. We've all heard about the importance of Omega3 in our diets. Here is a very easy, economical and tasty way to incorporate it daily. Just a 1/4 cup contains a full 9 grams.

This seed also has a very high lignan (phytoestrogen) content. There is 800 times more of this antioxidant in golden flax seed than any other plant lignan. Researchers agree that the high lignan in golden flax helps to fight diseases and possibly reduce breast cancer risk as it seems to help balance estrogen levels. Menopausal symptoms can also be significantly reduced when golden flax is taken.

We all know this tasty little seed is loaded with both soluble and insoluble fibre. Medically speaking, we all know soluble fibre helps lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar levels. The insoluble fibre increases the bulk in our digestive system, thus preventing constipation and helping protect us against colon cancer.

There is just so much to be said about this simple little seed. With all the amazing flaxseed benefits, no wonder it has been classified as one of the superfoods for the new millennium.Pure Golden Flax Seed from the Canadian Prairies.

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